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Business Opportunities
  About our Affiliate Program

Eagle's Lair offers a very lucrative affiliate program for those interested in making money selling Internet dial-up access. As an affiliate, for every signup you bring to Eagle's Lair we will pay you $5.00.

We are a premier low cost internet solution with prices below our largest competitors like AOL, MSN, Earthlink, Netzero, Prodigy, etc. Best of all, we do not require banners, pop-up advertising, nor do we force the end-user to use only our services to surf the Internet, or to send and receive email.

There is no reason why the more than 40 million users on those other services should be paying more when through Eagle's Lair they can pay less AND you can make money in the process!

With Eagle's Lair's affiliate program you can make money by simply placing a link on your own website or by telling people to signup using your affiliate code. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make, and it keeps coming in month after month!

The only requirement is that you maintain at least one dial-up account with Eagle's Lair. We feel strongly that you must be familiar with the services you are referring to. Anyone can join and take advantage of this opportunity. Its quick and easy to Join. Just Click Here to become an Affiliate.

About our VISP Reseller Program

Maybe you've considered the possibility of taking an even bigger step towards the  opportunity of making money via Internet access. As a VISP (Virtual Internet Service Provider), you become the ISP and your potential for making money increases substantially. You can resell our dial-up and email services while having them branded as your own. Just imagine running your own ISP business!

Instead of limiting yourself to $5.00 per end-user as with our Affiliate program, you can make substantially more depending on the prices you set. This opportunity does require some investment on your part, but its an opportunity not to be overlooked!  Contact us for more details.







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