Domain Transfer Instructions

How do I transfer my domain to Eagle's Lair Hosting?


1. If you are registering your domain name with another registrar or need to transfer your domain name, please use these name servers.

Primary Server Hostname:

Secondary Server Hostname:

2. To point your Domain Name to our name servers you need to fill out a transfer form. The form you need to use depends on which registrar your domain name was registered through:


If your domain name was registered through InterNIC click here

Easy Domain Transfer for Domain Names registered through
To point your Domain Name to our servers, you just need to log on to's Domain Name Manager and add our DNS servers (nameservers) to your domain name record:


1. The Domain Name Manager form (this form will open up in a new browser window so that this current window will stay open and you can refer to the instructions below as you fill out the form)

2. On the first page, enter your Domain Name, and the Username and Password you selected when you first registered. If you forgot your password or username, just click on the link on that page to have that information e-mailed to you.

3. Your current domain name record will be pulled up.
Go to the Domain Name Server (DNS) section and replace the existing nameservers with the ones listed above:


Tip: if you do not know which registry your domain name was registered with, just look up your domain name here and then press the "show me WHOIS output" button to see which company is listed in the "Registrar" section

Please contact other registrars directly to ask about their domain transfer procedures. Inform them that you wish to transfer your domain to Eagle's Lair Hosting, and provide them with the nameserver information listed above.

We can help you transfer your domain name at no charge, just contact us.

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