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There are several steps to ordering and installing Qwest DSL through Eagle's Lair. We'll make it as easy as possible for you, but here's what you can expect.

  1. You order service at your ideal speed.
  2. Eagle's Lair contacts Qwest and places the order for you.
  3. Qwest will send you the DSL modem and software via UPS.
  4. Eagle's Lair will contact you and let you know on what date your service will be ready.
  5. On the day that your DSL service goes live, just plug in the modem, install the software to configure it. That's it, from that point on you are all set to go.

The length of time all this takes varies depending on the qualifications of your phone line, but in general expect your DSL to be up and running in 5 to 7 business days.