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  • What Is V.92?
  • Is there an increase in speed?
  • What is the modem-on-hold feature?
  • What is the Quick Connect feature?

  •  What Is V.92?
     V.92 is a new dial-up modem specification developed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Although broadband technologies such as DSL and Cable are becoming popular right now, in reality, most people in this country only have access to the internet via analog phone lines. Dial-up modems will remain the primary means to gain access to the Internet for many years to come. Because of this, it is important for industry leaders to continually improve the performance and functionality for those who will continue using this technology.

     Is there an increase in speed?
     V.92 doesn’t increase the download speed over V.90, but, it does increase the maximum upload speed to 48K bps. This is a 30% increase over the 33.6K bps attainable by today’s V.90 modems. This higher upstream speed offers numerous benefits including a reduction in the upstream data transfer time for large e-mails with attachments and for ftp site uploads, as well as improved operation for interactive applications such as online gaming.

     What is the modem-on-hold feature?
     The modem-on-hold feature allows the modem to work in conjunction with call waiting provided by the phone company. The feature enables a PC user to answer a new phone call for 1 minute without dropping the modem connection. The PC user is then able to resume surfing the internet after they terminate the voice call or elect to stay on the line and reconnect to the internet when they are finished.

     What is the Quick Connect feature?
     Quick connect dramatically improves how quickly users can connect with their Internet Service Provider (ISP). In some cases quick connect will approximately cut the time required for a dial up modem to make the "handshake" to an ISP in half. This means your connection time may go from approximately 20 seconds with today’s widely deployed V.90 modems, to less than 10 seconds with V.92-equipped modems.